Don Draper may have questionable character, but there is certainly no questioning his enviable style. Today's man's style is heavily inspired by the past, but with a modern twist on the classics. Taking cues from television & movies from Mad Men to Boardwalk Empire & The Great Gatsby, the crisp cuts of days gone by have never looked fresher. Every guy's mancrush, Ryan Gosling, is known for his classic, close-cropped locks. Add the resurgence of facial hair in all forms; beards, mustaches, et al & you can see why men are paying more attention to their grooming than ever. Enter PAGEMAN BARBER & CO.  This fall we're bringing the men of Athens what they deserve: a place to call their own. A secluded lounge in the back of PAGEBOY provides the perfect setting for men to relax & take care of their grooming needs. From clipper cuts to beard trims, we've got you covered. Stay tuned for more info on the Grand Opening!