Perfectly Messy Hair

This one goes out to all the Ladies.

Hey babes, Joanna here! Summer has shown her self here in the Classic City, and I wanted to chat about the little (or big life-changing) concept of "Perfectly Messy Hair" and how to achieve, maintain, and rock it out for the lovely days of Summer!

Do you love the idea of being able to extend your blowout, and perfecting the second (or possibly third) day hair? How do you do it by the book and break a little of the rules? Don't worry, all of the style experts at Pageboy have got your must-haves for this look covered, down to the products, and routine to keep your tresses perfectly messy.

1. Spritz hair with Verb Sea Salt Spray from roots to ends.

2. Blowdry the product into your hair using just your hands.

3. When hair is dry, brush it with a Boar Bristle Brush.

4. Vamp up roots with Verb Dry Shampoo, and now your hair has the best foundation and is prepped to hold any style!!


We can't emphasize our love for Sea Salt Spray enough for perfectly messy hair. Some of our tips and tricks with this product are as encouraged;

  • Spritz on roots to add body.
  • Lightly mist on ends after a blow out for a bit of texture.
  • Instead of hairspray on buns, upstyles, and braids use the spray for hold and texture.
  • Use as a style-primer before braids to make hair bigger, and to make styles last longer.
  • Spray all over dry hair from roots to end to encourage curls, waves, and for that perfect messy hair that we all love so much.

For more hands on tips for "Perfectly Messy Hair" stop by and see us at 

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Can't wait to see you soon!