Best Summer Braids

Hello loves, Joanna here. 

So is there any other reason to have Pinterest and Instagram other than to peruse for hair tutorials, braids or inspiration? Hair musings on the web have had me inspired all summer. Am I right? 

What is more fun than Summer braids by the pool, out to cocktails, to date night, and all the other events unique to the season?!

 So I thought it would be fun to showcase my favorite looks for the summer all in one spot. These braids are great to reference when you are practicing, and very easy to incorporate from tutorials around the web! Also, bring any pictures to your personal stylist at PAGEBOY and we will give you tips and our expert tricks. Here are the best of the best! Snap your fingers, do this step, you can do it all by yourself! 

For this look, all you have to do to prep is blowdry with a volumizing mousse, try ARROJO CREAM WHIP from our shelves! It's just two inside-out (somewhat toussled) french braids that get pinned into a low bun. Pull out a couple of loose pieces and give them a bend with a curling iron!

I know! This one looks hard but it's breezy with a little practice. For prep work, curl the hair for more texture. It is a regular french braid going from the side with less hair crossing the back, down into a regular braid. On the heavier side, it's a regular fishtail braid that is tucked and pinned into the french braid. Just remember, get creative, there is no "wrong" way to acheieve a layered, messy braid such as this!


This look was achieved on super-long hair. It is essentially two fishtail braids pinned into a bun at the nape of the neck. To get a messier effect pull on the braids and texturize them! This one is my personal favorite!

I personally love this one! A couple of seasons ago we were all introduced to a high-fashion top-knot look. This one is a fishtail braid, and an extremely fun twist on the top-knot. Hairspray is key for this look to keep it tight and don't forget the bobby-pins! 

Okay let's be real here. This braid is so amazing because of the pastel hue, it's essentially a one-sided french braid with lot's of texture. Sending a little tutorial your way with this one here

Okay beauties, that is a wrap of my favorites from around the web! Remember, practice is KEY. Have a little courage, and enlist a braid expert like one of our amazing stylists at PAGEBOY to help you on your braiding endeavor. These are obviously fun looks for any statement making occasion. Show us your progress on the gram by tagging @pageboyathens and #pageboyathens. We can't wait to see what you've come up with. Stop by and show us at 


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Go nuts out there!!