The Best Hair Color for your Skin Tone -Fall Lookbook

It's that time of year again! The changing of the seasons always inspires us to try different tones in our hair. This year, instead of following a trend that may not give you hair-satisfaction, the Stylists here at PAGEBOY Salon want to help you choose a hair color that enhances your natural features, by giving you a go-to guide for which Hair Color matches your Skin Tone and gives you the most effortlessly-radiant look! After some digging around on our favorite sites, The Beauty Department and StyleNoted we are excited to show our Fall Lookbook.

Ash Hair Color-

Hair Lust over Cara Delevingne's Ash Hair Color

  • Usually both warm and cool tones can pull of an ash-based color. It ranges anywhere from a violet or slightly grey colored blonde all the way down to a dark and sultry-smoky brunette.
  • While wearing an ash colored coiff this season, it is crucial to keep your skin looking radiant as to not wash yourself out.
  • A pop of color in your make-up palette also brightens your hair color, to keep your over-all look fresh, and not dull.

Neutral/Natural Hair Color-

  • Not quite cool, or warm, but in the middle.
  • Anyone can wear a neutral because it is nonpartisan.
  • It is the closest to a natural hair tone. Think virgin hair.

Golden Hair Color-

  • You're in luck ladies! Again, everyone can pull off a golden hue. The key to this hair color is finding what shade of gold is best suited for you. Light? Or dark? How deep do you want your shade of gold to be? Lighter shades of gold, tend to brighten a cooler skin tone, while darker shades of gold accentuate a warmer skin tone.
  • Golden highlights hand-painted in a balayage service are a great option to emphasize warmth on a natural or neutral hair color.
  • Our best secret and beauty tip for the golden hair color? It makes hazel eyes glow.

Red Hair Color-

  • Red Hair Color is actually ideal for most people with cool or pink undertones in their complexion. The coolness of the skin balances out the extreme warmth and depth of tone in the hair color.
  • Reds can range anywhere from a very light strawberry, to a medium copper brown, down to a deep red or mahogany.
  • Exception to the rule; People with warm skin tones can also wear reds, but generally need to stick within the realm of a darker shade. Any shade too light tends to come off as orange! Yikes. It can also make the skin appear yellow if there is a lot of warm undertones in the complexion.


Here are some specific trends for FALL 2014


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