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The Best Hair Color for your Skin Tone -Fall Lookbook

It's that time of year again! The changing of the seasons always inspires us to try different tones in our hair. This year, instead of following a trend that may not give you hair-satisfaction, the Stylists here at PAGEBOY Salon want to help you choose a hair color that enhances your natural features, by giving you a go-to guide for which Hair Color matches your Skin Tone and gives you the most effortlessly-radiant look!

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Stay Handsome-Let's hear it for the boys.

All of the Stylists here at Pageboy love to perfect your cut, boosting your confidence and enhancing your style, but we get it; It used to be that a barbershop wasn't just a place to get a haircut. It was a hub for community, a place where people came together to socialize, bond, and come together. With a goal of bringing camaraderie back in style, Pageboy Salon, located at 132 College Ave, Athens GA, 30601 in downtown Athens, has created a concept for our gentlemen that goes way beyond a fresh cut.

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If you color your hair, fading is probably one of your biggest complaints. Hair color longevity is dependent on several different factors, some more in your control than others. The products you use make a huge difference, which is why we recommend you buy shampoo & conditioner at the salon. You probably know that sulfate-free shampoo makes a huge difference, but how often you wash your hair will also determine how fast your color fades. One of the reasons we love Pureology products is that their main focus is color protection. With the introduction of three new products, they've made it even easier to protect and maintain your gorgeous Pageboy Salon-created color!

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