Light the jack-o-lanterns & cue the spooky music, tomorrow is Halloween and we couldn't be more excited. Not quite in the spirit? Here's a few of our favorite horror movies to get you in the mood!


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The 1977 classic by Italian horror-master Dario Argento is easily one of the most stylish horror movies ever made.  Amazing sets, eye-popping use of color and a seriously scary score by Goblin make this a must-see.


The Shining 

Arguably the greatest movie based on a Stephen King novel, The Shining is psychological terror at its finest. One of the few horror movies that transcends its genre, Stanley Kubrick terrifying vision of a haunted hotel is a classic.


The Lost Boys 

The original teen vampire movie, The Lost Boys , started our manager's obsession with vampires. Full of quotable lines, awesome 80s fashion, and no "vampires sparkle in the sunlight" nonsense, these vampires have real bite.


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Skip the remake & stick to the original. Not only does this version have Johnny Depp, it's simply scarier. Less backstory = more blood. 


Shaun of the Dead 

Who says zombies can't be funny? Sending up romantic comedies & zombie movies at the same time, Shaun of the Dead , is a laugh-riot that stacks up to Night of the Living Dead.


Cabin in the Woods 

Leave it to Joss Whedon to make the most clever horror movie since Scream.  Nothing is what it seems in this send up of classic horror movies. A super smart premise, with some great scares thrown in makes Cabin in the Woods one of the best horror movies in recent movies

We could go on & on: Near Dark, Insidious, Alien, The Thing, The Descent, Dawn of the Dead (remake, surprisingly,) Halloween, Silver Bullet  , Evil Dead, An American Werewolf in London, Pyscho... what are your favorite scary movies?