If you color your hair, fading is probably one of your biggest complaints. Hair color longevity is dependent on several different factors, some more in your control than others (medication, hard water & other environmental factors can affect your color.) The products you use make a huge difference, which is why we recommend you buy shampoo & conditioner at the salon. You probably know that sulfate-free shampoo makes a huge difference, but how often you wash your hair will also determine how fast your color fades. We love Pureology products because their main focus is color protection. With the introduction of three new, amazing products, they've made it even easier to protect and maintain your gorgeous Pageboy Salon-created color!



This all-in-one multitasker packs a 21 benefit punch!

This all-in-one multitasker packs a 21 benefit punch!


Prep, Prime & Protect! Think of Colour Fanatic as a one-stop shop for all of your hair's issues- like a BB cream for your locks!

  • Detangler & Leave-in-Conditioner
  • Speeds up blow drying time
  • Treats & prevents split ends
  • Repairs & protects from heat damage
  • Shields against environmental damage
  • Smooths & adds shine
  • Anti-frizz & static reducer





This duo guarantees gorgeous hair without setting foot in the shower!  

This duo guarantees gorgeous hair without setting foot in the shower!  


By now, dry shampoo is a weapon in everyone's styling arsenals. Extending a blowout for days, adding volume... its benefits are almost endless, but it really works best on your roots. Enter Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo & Fresh Approach Dry Condition. Now you can freshen up your roots and/or ends with a specifically-targeted, amazing smelling spray!



Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo

  • Instantly absorbs oil
  • Refreshes & cleanses

Fresh Approach Dry Condition

  • Restores softness
  • Adds shine, conditions, manages frizz & controls static


And there you have it! Three products that will help maintain your color, while keeping your hair in its best condition. And, as with all Pureology products, there's a love it or bring it back guarantee! Currently in stock, drop by Pageboy Salon at 132 College Ave Athens GA & pick yours up today, or give us a call at 706.354.0055 & we'll be happy to hold them for you! Mention this blog post at your next appointment & receive 10% off of any product purchase.